Dec 15, 2018

J - Phobia

am I?
I am.

Yes, i'll snap if some one talk to her
even just say hi
even just make a comment at her page

is it good?
is it bad?

i don't know

i am love her
don't tell that j feel is an evidence that i in love with her
'coz i am really love her

shall i call this a phobia?
because of my freakin f**k past?

i don't know

the one i know, i don't wanna lose her.

Oct 20, 2018

Debate, arguing but....

Every house must have time for argument battle or debate between wife and husband (remember lady first).  Like today, we are debate almost an hour. And the thing we talk is about how long i get permit from my office, the process to get, why only 2 days, my alowance, our home (we just get the house by KPR/loan from bank) and the finisher is our asset

wife : at least you the house become your asset
me   : if you want it, then you ask the loan and make the house as your asset
wife : i don't have the money
me   : then be happy with your asset
wife : what asset??
me   : the reksadana (mutual funds), you told me that you gain some profit
wife : it's only a little
me   : it's still profit, mine already minus eventhough u r the one who recommend it
wife : it's your fault
me   : how ??
wife : you just put a little amount, i already made double depo
me   : *shut out*

that's why i love my wife, first she always right. then she always step ahead then me who still thinking over too much.  Dang it..

little story from our house....

luv u hon, i'll triple it before u run me out again.

by the way, our little kiddo got confused to both of us hahahaha

Sep 27, 2018

Can't handle this

My biggest problem is you

I want to Please you

A part of me of love you
A part of me hate you
A part of me need you
A part of me fear you

I don't think I can handle this right now

(Bo Burnham)

Sep 12, 2018

Ide bertubi tubi

Ada pohon bernama cendana,
burung gagak sering dicela,
orang laki jangan tak bercelana,
nanti disangka orang gila

Air bening dikata air putih,
kopi pula tak disebut air hitam,
jagalah hatimu tetap bersih,
agar hidupmu terjaga tentram

dulu berkabar melalui surat,
sekarang pula melalui teleponan,
wahai wanita jagalah aurat,
jangan jadikan dirimu sebuah tontonan

kanguru bergeraknya melompat,
cheetah pula jago berlari,
jangan terlalu gampang mengumpat,
karena itu menyakiti orang dan diri sendiri.

May 4, 2018


Just want to make everyone happy
But in the end just dig my own grave

Just want to make everyone happy
But in the end get everyone angry on me

Just want to smile
But in the end i got tears

Just want to fight
But in the end want to give up

But can't giving up

Try to have a smile even bitter one
Try to fight
Try to clean the mess

Still don't know what will happen
Hope the best result
Or I will end up in bigger mess 

There is still one reason to fight
Just one more

After that everything is done

Jul 21, 2017

Good Good Bye

Rest In Peace Chester

It's so sad.....
Thank You for Your great voice
We will remember you as a legend

In The End.....Good Bye Legend

Jul 20, 2017

just restart

been a while.....well actually not.  almost 2 years not touch this page.
since 05, i think only in last year i didn't write at all
year 16 is the best year i have
we got (me and my wife) the biggest present in our life,
a little cutie boy.

Actually i want to record day by day since the beginning
but i forgot to do it...well forget it
i'm gonna try it from now on
hope it will become a memory for him about his fathers and mothers love
also how ridiculous his father in the past

it's already 16.32 and i miss his smile
ahhh...i'll show how cute his smile
enjoy it folks (it will be me who enjoy it the most)

yang ngintilin